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Driveway Culverts are used in vehicle access areas that tend to have problems with high water crossing. Each culvert is designed according to the type of traffic using it. Heavier traffic will call for larger pipe and a deeper base layer whereas lighter traffic will call for a more standard pipe and base. Regardless of traffic the main function is to have water flow underneath the vehicle access area through a pipe and down past the driveway. When culvert pipes are installed properly, water will flow through the pipe and continue past the driveway so that access will no longer be affected.


Culverts are designed according to its intended use and the materials needed will be determined according to the design. Most driveway culverts will be corrugated steel or heavy-duty corrugated plastic. So, when the decision is made to install a culvert the next step is to hire a professional driveway culvert installation company like Justice Sealcoating and Excavating.


phase 1

Acquire any and all necessary permits before the job begins. When applying for permits, you will need to indicate where the culvert is to be placed and therefore will need to mark the location of the culvert by staking the beginning and ending location, as well as the distance from the nearest property corner or intersecting street. Each county, as well as some HOA/POAs, has their own requirements for installing culverts. So, when the planning process begins, the local code enforcement agency, and possibly HOA/POA, needs to be contacted so that the design adheres to their requirements. The length, size and materials may all be determined by your local building and construction codes.

phase 2

Call before digging. Each utility company (electric, gas, water, etc.) will need to walk the area and flag any underground lines that could be affected by the culvert installation. We use Miss Utilities.

phase 3

The next step is to purchase the right size and length of culvert pipe. The size will be determined by the kind of traffic the driveway will be handling. Typical driveway culverts will have a diameter ranging from 10-15 inches, again…many times local building codes will determine the size. The length must be so that it extends past the low end of the driveway. This helps keep erosion from shortening the lifetime of the culvert.

phase 4

Now it’s time to dig out the ditch and flatten the area where the culvert pipe will lay. To make sure that the flattened area slopes toward the lower end, 1-4%, we may need to backfill (fill in and tamp small increments to keep grade accurate).

phase 5

Now it’s time to dig out the ditch and flatten the area where the culvert pipe will lay. To make sure that the flattened area slopes toward the lower end, 1-4%, we may need to backfill (fill in and tamp small increments to keep grade accurate). Place the culvert pipe in prepared ditch

phase 6

The backfill used, should not have any large materials, should be easy to compact, and should be stable under load. Soil available from the immediate area or other aggregates such as sand, fine crusher run, and gravel are all good to use to backfill the culvert pipe (again doing so in smaller increments and tamping as you go). If using sand or erodible materials, protect the ends to keep the sand from washing or piping. Ideally you want to create a backfill layer of 8-16 inches (all depending on the type of traffic) over the pipe, before the driveway material is laid.


Driveway culvert installations have so many factors contributing to its’ overall cost that it’s best to have a professional contractor meet with you on site. Some installs can cost $1200 whereas more complex jobs can cost $5000 and up.


It is crucial to hire an experienced contractor who have the knowledge and capability of installing driveway culverts. An experienced company like Justice Sealcoating and Excavating will present the finished product on schedule and will give you the peace of mind knowing it was done right. Our experience and dedication will ensure your investment and give you an entrance that will serve you for years to come!


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